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Tom Knoflook Photography

Nikon D700 Camera profile

Step 1: Prepare, setup & shoot

  • Get a Gretag Macbeth colorchecking card which can be purchased here.
  • Wait for a cloudy day (which comes closest to 6500K).
  • Place the card under a slight angle upwards and make sure it doesn't reflect any unwanted colors (like foilage).
  • Make sure the camera is storing RAW files.
  • Set the lens aperture to a value with the least dropoff (a sweet value, usually f/8).
  • Make sure the ISO is set to the lowest value (usually 100 or 200).
  • Set the camera in spot metering mode.
  • Set the camera to exposure lock & hold.
  • Spot meter on patch 22 (column 4, row 4), which is about 50% gray and lock the value.
  • Frame the card, focus and take a picture.

Step 2: Convert to DNG

  • Open the RAW file in Lightroom.
  • Switch to Developer mode.
  • In the right panel scroll to the "Camera Calibration' section.
  • Set the base profile you want to use (e.g.: Camera Neutral, Camera Standard or Adobe).
  • Set the White Balance by pressing W and then clicking on patch 22.
  • Switch to Library mode.
  • Convert to DNG, menu: Library->Convert Photo to DNG... These are the settings I used:

Step 3: Create profile

  • Install Adobe's Profile Editor, which can be downloaded here.
  • Start the DNG Profile Editor.
  • Open the DNG file created in step 2, menu: File->Open DNG Image (CTRL+O).
  • Select the tab named 'Color Tables' on the right panel.
  • Make sure the Base Profile you used in step 2 is properly selected, or select the one you want to use.
  • Select the tab named 'Chart' on the right panel.
  • Place the markers on the corresponding corner patches.
  • Click the button named 'Create Color Table...' on the right panel, then click 'OK'.
  • Save the profile, menu: File->Export profile... (CTRL+E).

Step 4: Using the profile

  • (Re)start Lightroom.
  • Switch to Develop mode.
  • Select a photo.
  • In the right panel, scroll down to the 'Camera Calibration' section.
  • Select the profile you created in step 3.
  • Make sure all the sliders are set to 0.
  • Compare it with the base profile you selected in step 1. There should only be some color differences (improvements).